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<< New imageAbout me                                                               I came into saddle fitting from the Owner, Teaching and Training perspective: “I became really fed up with trying to teach riders to sit in a correct, balanced position on saddles that were out of balance. it’s not just the rider at stake – if the rider is out of balance, his or her weight is not in the right place for the horse to carry it, which leads to poor performance at best  and a sore back at worst."                  As an owner I was fed up with the salesmen attitude of some saddle fitters just wanting to sell a saddle and make a buck. My passion for saddle fitting grew and I set about training with ‘The Saddle Company’ and ‘The Master Saddle Fitters’. As with riding and everything that goes with horses you are always on a learning curve.  

                                                                                                                                                     My past experience of :-                                                                                                               owning, riding, schooling, teaching working with horses, running a riding school and competing horses has given me the back ground knowledge for my daily work and the ability to assess both the horse and rider as a combination. To also identify if there could be a schooling, rider confidence or other issue apart from the fit of the saddle that may need to be addressed.                   

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