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We offer the full range of ‘The Saddle Company Saddles’.

 New made to measure, to your bespoke order or second hand re templated on site to fit your horse. Our aim is to accommodate your needs, fit you, your horse and your budget!

  All our saddles are fully adjustable ....



Saddle Fitting


Our qualified saddle fitter will spend the time to make sure both you and your horse are satisfied.  We love happy customers!


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We don't like to keep our customers waiting.  Our aim is to be with you as soon as possible so you and your horse have the minimum of disruption.  Contact us today to arrange your appointment.


The first point of contact is usually over the phone. Asking questions on the type, age, size and build of the horse, also the height and size of the rider. What discipline the saddle is required for. this will help me to build up a picture of both the horse and rider as a partnership.



Flocking on site



Also available New and Second hand.


Stirrup leathers


Numnahs/saddle pads



                       About me                                                                                                    I came into saddle fitting from the Owner, Teaching and Training perspective: “I became really fed up with trying to teach riders to sit in a correct, balanced position on saddles that were out of balance. it’s not just the rider at stake – if the rider is out of balance, his or her weight is not in the right place for the horse to carry it, which leads to poor performance at best  and a sore back at worst."                                                                                                                                                                                                             As an owner I was fed up with the salesmen attitude of some saddle fitters just wanting to sell a saddle and make a buck. My passion for saddle fitting grew and I set about training with ‘The Saddle Company’ and ‘The Master Saddle Fitters’. As with riding and everything that goes with horses you are always on a learning curve.                                                                                                                                                                                         My past experience of :- owning, riding, schooling, teaching working with horses, running a riding school and competing horses has given me the back ground knowledge for my daily work and the ability to assess both the horse and rider as a combination. To also identify if there could be a schooling, rider confidence or other issue apart from the fit of the saddle that may need to be addressed.                  

Saddle Fitting Explained

Why have a saddle professionally fitted?

A saddle will probably be the most expensive single item which you will buy for your horse so it is really important that the choice you make is right.

Horse owners now recognize that to achieve optimum comfort and performance. The saddle, and the way in which it fits, is fundamentally important to the welfare, comfort and success of both horse and rider.

There is greater understanding by owners that horses 'change shape' for a variety of reasons. So the saddle which provided an good fit when it was purchased may require adjustment, alteration and even - in some cases - exchange at a later date. The size and width of the tree must be suited to the horse being fitted to.

It is recommended that the fit of your horses saddle should be checked and the saddle serviced by your fitter at least annually, possibly more regally should your horse require it.

A fitter’s extensive knowledge and experience in fitting saddles will help you to achieve this.





 'The Saddle company' training covers the seven main points of fitting a saddle, taking templates, conformation issues, looking at different trees, using the template machine, how to flock a saddle.


‘The society of Master Saddlers’ Intruction saddle fitting course covers:-

 Handling horses, back examination and recognition of gait malfunctions, lameness or un-level steps, recognition of asymmetric development, basic understanding of human anatomy, knowledge of individual disciplines, recognition of damage and defects in saddles, horse description and record keeping.

The most important aspect of all however is fitting saddles to horses according to their varying breed, type, size and conformation. The horse's welfare is always the most important consideration together with the rider's needs.


What should I look for in a correctly fitted saddle?

  • The angle of the tree must correspond to the angle of the horses' shoulder
  • The size of the saddle must be suitable for horse and rider
  • The saddle must not interfere with the backward rotation of the horses' scapula
  • The saddle must be balanced and the deepest part of the seat should encourage the rider to sit in the centre of the horses' movement
  • The bearing surfaces of the saddle should be as large as possible and must make even contact with the horses back without creating any pressure points
  • The saddle must remain centrally located at all paces and free from excessive movement such as swinging, swaying, rocking and rotating
  • The tree must be entirely symmetrical
  • The panel of the saddle must be completely symmetrical, although there will be occasions when the saddle fitter recommends adjusting the flocking of the saddle to correspond with irreversible one-sidedness as a result of past injuries or muscle imbalance
  • The girth should lie within the girth groove and, when adjusted, not pull the saddle forward


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